"Utopian City"
10th Group Fine Art Exhibition of Elefsina
Curator: Anastasia Dalma
Duration: 7 July - 28 July 2018
Opening: Saturday, July 7, 2018, at 20:30
Elefsina Beach | Kanellopoulou Street | Tel.: 210 5565614
Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 -13: 00 and 18:00 -21: 00 
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"Time", painted triptych on canvases, dimensions 100cm x 110cm, 2017. Reference is made to an imagined world through which a child of African descent looks at the time. The sun and the bird are placed in a gray frame, an oxymoron shape, indicating the coldness and the difficulty still faced by Africans today. Despite today's technology, their conditions remain subdued, posing as Utopia the modern capitalist society of Western Culture. Eventually they are justified by time or remain unchanged in countries of great sun and heat;


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