Searching for food in the desert

Mixed media on canvas.
Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm
Material used: charcoal, acrylic colors, putty, marker, fixative, clear varnish.
Year of production: 2011


The theme is based on a photograph of Sebastiao Salgado from his journey to Africa.


I chose a monochromatic palette based on tonality in order to express the fragile relationships that are developed when the environment becomes constricting for the children themselves. In order to reach to some aesthetic result and to conclude the color Gray, I saw the studies of the Mondrian, Giacometti and Jasper Jones on that color; although exceptional works with gray compositions exist in Western Art from the Middle Ages. The red in my work complements or composes the hope for uplifting and sometimes the risk posed by the apathy and indifference towards children and the difficulties encountered.

MZacharof_Searching 4 food in the desert12

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