Art Workshop: "Learning from the Child"

Outdoors lesson with the older children in the premises of Nawsha - Najib Environment Development Foundation.


From the 22nd of January to the 6th of February 2017 I conducted an art workshop entitled: "Learning from the Child" with 80 children aged 5 to 12 of the village of Paril Nawada, Bangladesh in collaboration with the Nawsha - Najib Environment Development Foundation. The workshop was run on daily basis and a lot of exercises from life and memory were given.
I learned the importance of being one of a group and working with the community. This work is not a single effort made by me. But a collective work of the parents, the children, the teachers and the inhabitants of the district I was volunteering.
What I realized is that children think in an abstract way and even when observing from life they have their own representation system which differs from reality. They are not keen in depicting things as they are but give their own unique perspectives and symbolisms. I consider this an advanced thinking that I do not know why adults detach from it. Somehow we lose our imagination along the way. I am eager of making a thorough research and analysis on abstraction in child drawing and painting.




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