The Red and the Black

It is a Sculptural  Installation piece of work of a red typewriter of the 1980's from which derives a 10 meter long canvas drawn both sides of elongated figures. Each figure is two meters long and a width of 22 centimetres , drawn with charcoal and sealed with fixative and clear varnish.


The work was conceived and produced in the Summer of 2008 and exhibited for the first time in May 2011 in "Technopolis" of the municipality of Athens, as part of the Athens Video Art Festival. It was exhibited in 2016 for the second time in the Museum of National History of Bosnia and Herzegovine in Sarajevo, as part of the 32nd International Festival " Sarajevo Winter 2016" - Soul of the artist / Soul of the city.


Here we can see a detail as the "narration starts"...


This piece is inspired by the Surrealism movement in Art (1920s – 1960s). It starts as a narration that unfolds from the floor to the ceiling revealing a sequence of "numbers" or perhaps figures drawn by a typewriter. The figures are inspired by Diane Arbus’ work (1923 – 1971), an exceptional American photographer and writer noted for her black-and-white squared photographs of "deviant and marginal people”. The photos express the paradox but also the "happiness" that each person seeks through life.

The audience can observe the drawings and view the piece influenced by the scale and the way it stands in space.


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