Land art in the provincial city of Khustia, Bangladesh on December 2016.
I used my body as a mark on the ground in order to create two life sized fetuses with the help of a colleague.


I am in the city of Khustia, Bangladesh where I originally participated in an International Art Camp.
The theme given by the curatorial team was "The Sense of Freedom" and the task was to reflect on what freedom is and why in different cultures it is associated with birds.
I came up with two projects that would complete one another. One was to run an art workshop with children from the local community and ask them to freely draw their dreams and imaginary landscapes. The workshop was done with the collaboration of the fellow Indian artist and story teller, who kindly translated my words and also asked the children to narrate their own stories.
Then secondly I decided to create an installation called "Birth" by digging to the ground and coloring with indigo two identical fetuses and displaying on parallel the children's drawings.


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